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Blue Globe Thistle - Echinops

Echinops ritro

Beautiful, dense, blue, spiny globe-shaped dried flower heads on sturdy stems.

Natural Colors Available: blue

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Broom Bloom -

Cytisus scoparius

Broom Bloom has stiff woody stems with dried flower blossoms resembling Baby's Breath.

Natural Colors Available: tan

Dyed Colors Available: basil, burgundy, hunter green, navy, raspberry, red, royal blue and bleached white

Caspia - Preserved - Misty

Limonium bellidifolium

Caspia consists of light, airy feathered plumes.

Natural Colors Available: n/a

Dyed Colors Available: aqua marine, dusty rose, ocean blue, orchid, sunset

English Statice - Sinuata

Limonium sinuatum

English Statice, or Sinuata, are clusters of little straw-textured brightly colored dried flowers.

Natural Colors Available: white, blue, purple, peach, lavender, rose-pink

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Eucalyptus - baby - Euc

Eucalyptus spp.

Eucalyptus is a large genus of rapidly growing broad-leaved evergreen trees. Juvenile forms are grown as foliage plants for their visual and aromatic appeal.

Natural Colors Available: n/a

Dyed Colors Available: amber, blue-green, concord, green, merlot, orange,plum,red,sage and spring-green

Lamb's Ear -

Stachys byzantina

Lamb's Ear has thick, gray, soft woolly dried flower spikes.

Natural Colors Available: gray

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Larkspur - Delphinium

Delphinium consolida

Double dark pink, light pink , dark purple , light purple , true blue or white shaded dried flower blooms densely set along tall, tapering spikes. Larkspur is my favorite dried flower.

Natural Colors Available: dark pink, light pink, dark purple, light purple, true blue, white

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Sea Holly - Sea Holly

Erynigum planum

Unique spiny, thistle-like blue flowers.

Natural Colors Available: blue

Dyed Colors Available:

Sea Lavender - Sea Lavender

Limonium latifolium

Blue flowers in many branched clusters, structure resembles Baby's Breath.

Natural Colors Available: blue

Dyed Colors Available:


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