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Broom Bloom -

Cytisus scoparius

Broom Bloom has stiff woody stems with dried flower blossoms resembling Baby's Breath.

Natural Colors Available: tan

Dyed Colors Available: basil, burgundy, hunter green, navy, raspberry, red, royal blue and bleached white

Chili Peppers -

Capsicum spp.

Finger-sized, red, dried pods on woody stems.

Natural Colors Available: red

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Celosia Cockscomb - Cockscomb

Celosia spp.

Cockscomb has vibrant color flowers that resemble a cock's comb (velvet appearance).

Natural Colors Available: Burgundy, Pink and Red

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Eucalyptus - baby - Euc

Eucalyptus spp.

Eucalyptus is a large genus of rapidly growing broad-leaved evergreen trees. Juvenile forms are grown as foliage plants for their visual and aromatic appeal.

Natural Colors Available: n/a

Dyed Colors Available: amber, blue-green, concord, green, merlot, orange,plum,red,sage and spring-green

Globe Amaranth -

Natural Colors Available: magenta, red, purple, lt. pink, pink, bi-color, white

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Mini Oak -

Preserved mini oak leaves.

Natural Colors Available:

Dyed Colors Available: green, olive, red

Phalaris - Canary Grass

Phalaris canariensis

Dried flower heads are naturally light green, papery, and teardrop shaped.

Natural Colors Available: light green

Dyed Colors Available: burgundy, mauve, violet, red

Roses -

Natural Colors Available: red, peach, pink

Dyed Colors Available:

Safflower -

Carthamus sp.

Safflower produces unusual orange or yellow capped flowers.

Natural Colors Available: Orange and Yellow

Dyed Colors Available: n/a

Strawflowers - Everlastings

Helichrysum bracteatum

Double, straw-textuted dried flowers of an array of colors including lt. pink , dark pink, gold, red, salmon, yellow and white.

Natural Colors Available: light pink, dark pink, gold, red, salmon, yellow,

Dyed Colors Available:

Yarrow - Achillea

Achillea spp.

Yarrow has flat umbels of small mustard-yellow or white dried flowers with a more open appearance.

Natural Colors Available: gold, white

Dyed Colors Available: burgundy, red, mauve


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