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Single Adams Cone Flower
Adams Cone - Coconut pod

Tear-drop fibrous seed pod.

Single Almond Pod Flower
Almond Pod

A conical seed cone with unique winged projections.

Single Alta Fruit Flower
Alta Fruit - Drum Stick Pod

Multi-lobed drumstick.

Single Banksia Flower
Banksia - Protea

Very large unique flowers.

Single Cycus Leaf Flower
Cycus Leaf - Cycad

Beautiful palm leaf.

Single Fern Buds Flower
Fern Buds

Unique curly brown tipped accent.

Single Preserved Fern Fronds Flower
Preserved Fern Fronds

Beautifully preserved, soft, bleached, feather-like fern fronds.

Single Lampati Flower
Lampati - Hibiscus Pod

Small, uniquely shaped hibiscus pod.

Single Mini-Button Clusters Flower
Mini-Button Clusters

Small white capped flower buttons.

Single Okra - stemmed Flower
Okra - stemmed

Bleached okra seed pod on stem.

Single Open Protea Flower Flower
Open Protea Flower

Carmal colored firm flower.

Single Panchu Flower
Panchu - Curly Stick

Long, curly woody sticks.

Single Pod Assortment - Picked Flower
Pod Assortment - Picked

Wonderfully unique assortment of pods on picks.

Single Protea Heads Flower
Protea Heads

Semi-open Protea heads.

Single Protea - stemmed Flower
Protea - stemmed - Protea

Unique protea flower on stem.

Single Ram's Horns Flower
Ram's Horns

Uniquely spirled textured cone.

Single Sarracenia Flower
Sarracenia - Trumpet Flower, Pitcher Plant

Unique trumpet-like flower.

Single Shola Roses Flower
Shola Roses

Hand-made Japanese paper roses.

Single Solo Balls Flower
Solo Balls

Unique spheres.

Single Spider Pods Flower
Spider Pods

Very uniquely shaped pod.

Single Tal Cone Flower
Tal Cone - Curly Top

Stem with curly twisted top.


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