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Yes, all of these dried flower customer comments are real.

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My friend received her wreath and she is absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much for doing such a good job!!!

I have been on your web-site quite frequently and am extremely pleased with the products that you all have to offer. I am a stay-at-home mother of a 4mos old and I have been making my own floral wreaths and arrangements for approximately 18 years. I also have experience with planting dried flowers from seeds in a greenhouse to sowing them by hand in the fields.

I love your web-site and will probably buy more products from your company in the future.

Beautiful stuff, can't wait!

This is a great site and you have beautiful flowers and amazing prices. I am happy to support a hard working farm.

Thank you!

Here is a photo of the craft I make with your lovely dried flowers. They are all unique, made with shells, sea glass and glass beads. I am currently making one for a man in NJ who requested blue and white colors. I always use caspia misty to start, than for this speical order I used the blue broom broom on top of the caspia, white shells and white and blue sea glass, it is coming along nicely. I am waiting for my recent flower shipment so I can top it off with the white ammobium.

You have a life long customer. I am thrilled with the quality and quanity of my orders. Also I appreciate the care you put into packaging.

Thank you for your quick response!

I am an existing customer, but do not know my ID#.

I am so happy with the flowers I ordered recently. If I get an oppertunity I will send you a photo of my craft.

Thank you!

Received my order today! Many thanks!

The wreath arrived yesterday. It's gorgeous. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase.


You have beautiful flowers. (comment on repeat order)

They arrived yesterday evening and I am enjoying them. Thank you.

Regards and Happy Thanksgiving!

I received my dried flower order. I am very pleased and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

ok great!

Thank you for the speedy shipping! You have my highest recommendation. take care.

Thank you for your reply and yes, it was very helpful :-)

Have a good day!

Thank you!

My daughter is planning an October wedding at our B & B in Naples. We are just starting the planning. She is thinking of using dried flowers as table decorations. Do you ever do custom work? Currently she is thinking about the dried sheaves, but adding something more for color?

By the way I ordered one of your wreaths and have gotten many compliments.

Thanks for your time.

The flowers arrived this morning (two days after ordering them!) and I'm again amazed at the speed with which you process orders. I've purchased flowers from you three times now, and they're consistently even better than promised. I have a small hobby/business, weaving and decorating grapevine wreaths, and I tell all my customers about you. Hope they send some business your way!

Great! Thank you!

Thrilled with my last order!


Thank you so much for the e-mail confirmation. I loved looking at your web site. I know it's hard work to produce such a product, but I can only imagine the rewards. Thanks again.

Thank you. I received the flowers today!


About an hour after I sent the e-mail today, the lovely wreath arrived! It's really perfect in the spot above my fireplace. The colors couldn't be better suited with the green wall and blue/green slate tiled fireplace.


Hi. Received the artemesia on Tuesday. Thanks very much!


Thank You.

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks again for all your great products and service over the last few years. I will send you a few photos from last year so that you can see you dried plants in displays.

Have a good weekend

Thanks for the fast response. I will be ordering a wreath, just have to decide which one.

Have a great day!

Thanks, Look forward to our order. You always have such wonderful materials. I may forward you a few photos from arrangements I have made in the last couple of years with your materials.

Have a good weekend.

Thanks for such a quick answer. We will be ordering the dried flowers, and if you wouldn't mind, could you let me know if you decided to offer the wreaths wholesale? As I stated before, your wreaths are beautiful, and your web site is the easiest to get around, you do a great job.

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers I received. The color is really incredible. They are exactly what I have been looking for.

I received my first order this past week and am very satisfied with everything!

We did get them on Tuesday, and they are gorgeous!

Received my order on Monday. Just a note to tell you how pleased I was to see the quality of the flowers I received. I was apprehensive about ordering from previous experience of ordering silks online; BUT, your flowers are all you said they would be.

Again Thank You.

Hello, I just wanted to say what a wonderful family owned business you have. I have enjoyed reading about your business and how it all stated. I am in my forties and have always had a love for flowers and have just this year started growing a few of my own to experiment with for drying.

Your site has given me many answers to my questions and many great ideas. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work. I live in Bridgewater Nova Scotia, Canada. I would also like to know if you have any tips on drying Eucalyptus, if so it would be greatly appreciated. have a great day and keep on enjoying those wonderful flowers!!

I wanted to tell you, I have a customer whom wanted a very different kind of dried arrangement and our local wholesalers doesn't't have much to chose from, so this morning I went on a internet search, I bet I looked threw 50 different sites and you are the only one I felt was worth sticking to.

Your user friendly site and extremely reasonable prices for wholesale make you #1 on the web in my perspective. Your site is absolutely beautiful i felt like I had visited your farm in person. I could almost smell the fields in the pictures they were so crisp and alive with color. It's the close to home feel we have out here in the farm country and I wanted to give you a great pat on the back for bringing the real world to the web. I will be placing an order as soon as my client decides to order, now that i have accurate prices for her design it probably won't be long.

You are now first on my favorites list and all though I don't do tons of dry flower work, I will always use you- Thank You for all your hard work -WOW! God Bless

Thank you so much. Especially for your very quick response.

Hello, I just received my dried flower order. I really love them!

Thanks so much for your help.

Received flowers today. All very nice. Thank you!

Just wanted to send you a big thanks for the flowers we got this weekend just in time for our Autumn Equinox celebration. They were fabulous, and I really appreciate that you accommodated my "flower emergency".

One of the folks from our group had come up from Ithaca. They can't wait to visit you!!

So love receiving your flowers, they are an absolute joy to work with.

I received the flowers today - I can't wait to get my hands dirty. Thanks a lot, they are in great shape.

I wanted to comment on the lavender bunches I ordered. They are some of the loveliest I have seen in quite a while. I am extremely happy with them.

We have a small family business and I do look for quality and yours ARE quality. I will be ordering again.

Thank you.

Hi. I picked up three wreaths last weekend, they turned out great!

Just had to write you and tell you this is the most beautiful web site I have happened upon....Incredible...and I thought Montana was beautiful1....who would have thought New York!

Beautiful flowers Beautiful farm...You have done a very good job of displaying it also...Thank you for making my day!!!

Thank you so very much!

Hi folks.........this is what I can call you as I feel a real kin to you........I can tell you love flowers and are very knowledgeable and yet "down to earth"! : )

I have just spent at least an hour maybe two just browsing your entire web site and I am so impressed! I have learned much.......I am not interested in buying.....as I do my own air drying and have in the past used silica gel. I notice you do not use it at all. I have thrown out much I could have saved for everlastings.......but I still happen to have saved some poppy pods.just a few.....and am going to try to incorporate them in a bouquet of some kind.

Just wanted to thank you for the information and I am going to do more drying. I have grown this year.......ladies mantle..globe amaranth..nigellia.. poppy..wide celosia.. and I have had for years now....Silver King and have dried in the past and have just a bit of it drying right now. Have you ever dried the Pink Candle celosia? I love it but have never tried to dry it!

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Thanks, I look forward to making beautiful things with the flowers.

Thank you so much for being so easy to work with! As I said before, I'm very happy with the service your company gives and will defiantly use you guys again!

Thank you again!

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I received my order.

The quality of your dried flowers is exceptional! I will be purchasing again!

Thank you for everything!

Thank you for this note. Your site is lovely and I look forward to returning soon!

All the best.

Thank you Barbara & Scott the flowers were lovely ,especially the lavender.

Yes, thanks a lot.

Thank you for such quality product. Your flowers are wonderful!

Thank you for your quick reply - we have been to the WindMill - several years ago - that is easy for us...also your web-site is so great I can easily order from that ...we just built a new house with beams and that is why I'm looking for the flowers.

Thanks so much.

Thanks so much!


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