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Dried Flower Ammobium


Ammobium elatum
Ammobium has small pure white straw-textured dried flower with yellow centers.
Annual Herb
Common Names Winged Everlasting
Height 18 - 20 inches.
Cultivar Bikini, Grandiflorum
Propagation By seed at 70°F.
Cultivation Full sun and rich, sandy soil is best.
Harvest Pick Ammobium flowers before they reach full bloom as the continue to open when drying.
Drying Hang Ammobium upside down in dry, dark, open, airy place.
Uses Ammobium is a very nice dried flower accent used in clusters or single points of pure white daisies.
Comments The common name for the dried flower Ammobium, Winged Everlasting, is derived from the peculiar winged formation of the branches.