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Quaking Grass

Briza maxima
Quaking Grass, or Briza, is an ornamental dried flower grass bearing graceful, nodding, bronze colored spikelets.
Common Names Briza
Height 12 - 24 inches.
Propagation By seed at 55°F or easiest sow direct in early spring.
Cultivation Full sun in very well drained soil.
Harvest Harvest Quaking Grass soon after heading well before seed pods turn tan. If there is noticeable shattering of spikelets during handling the crop was cut to late.
Drying Hang Quaking Grass upside down in dry, dark, open, airy place.
Uses Quaking Grass is a neat dried flower texture.
Comments The pods, actually fruit spikes, quiver and 'quake' in the breeze. Thus its name, Quaking Grass.

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