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General Sea Holly Information

Sea Holly

Erynigum planum

Sea Holly has unique spiny, thistle-like blue flowers.

Common Names Eryngos
Height 30 inches.
Propagation By seed at 70°F

May also be propagated by divisions.
Cultivation Full sun in well drained soil.
Harvest When flowers are in full bloom.
Drying Hang Sea Holly upside down in dry, dark, open, airy place.
Uses An interesting natural blue accent.
Comments Sea Holly is a long-lived perennial.

Sea Holly
, Eryngium planum is from the Greek word eringion meaning 'thistle'.

ETYMOLOGY: Alteration of Latin eryngion, sea holly, from Greek erungion, diminutive of erungos

Sea Holly belongs to the family Umbelliferae and includes some 200 species. They are indigenous to Southern Europe and some native species occur in both North and South America.

Sea Holly is a perennial herb that have been referenced in latin medical and herbal texts that date back to the late 12th century.

Sea Holly

Generally grown ornamentally for their interesting metallic spiny-toothed foliage and flower heads that are formed from thistle-like bracts surrounding a central flower. It is these thistle-like bracts that give rise to the name Sea Holly.

Sea Holly flowers, bracts and upper stems develop a steel blue gray color in the later part of their growing season. If dried in darkness, this blue will remain and offers a very interesting texture and rare natural blue color. Sea Holly is an excellent dried flower but we recommend wearing gloves when working with it to avoid the spiny leaves.

It is worth noting that there are a number of named Sea Holly cultivars and hybrids in existence that range in height, flower structure and flower color. One of favorites that offer an unusual pronounced white vein in a more narrow leave is the cultivar Sea Holly cv. 'Jos Eijking'.

See more detailed (and specific) information regarding Sea Holly in the table below.

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