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Dried Flower Questions & Answers

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Dried Flowers Galore - a complete web site dedicated to dried flowers.

How large are your dried flower bunches?

We list each bunch size (by weight and stem count) on all the individual description pages for each particular dried flower, just click on any flower name within the lists throughout this site to obtain relevant information on the flower you are interested in.

How long does it take to ship the dried flowers?

We normally ship within three business days from receipt of an order. UPS time in transit can be obtained from the UPS In Transit Map. The shipping day is not included in the map, meaning if the map indicates three days, it is three days plus the day UPS picks up.

We always include an e-mail confirming date of shipment and UPS tracking information
Field of Lamb's Ear
Lamb's Ear

What is the current availability of dried flowers?

We continuously update our order form to show what is currently available.

Not Available means, either due to weather, pest or human error, that we were unable to produce a crop within the current growing season.

Sold Out
means just that, that we have sold out of that crop and it will not be available until next growing season.

Keep in mind that we live in the Northeast and thus our growing season is from June until our first frost (usually sometime in October).

How do you dry Hydrangea?

First of all, not all Hydrangeas dry well. The two best are Pee Gee and Nikko Blue. Cut your Hydrangeas when the blooms are 80-90% full (i.e. the very tops will not be open). Place them in a open, airy, dark place (for more details about drying see How to Dry Flowers ). It is not necessary to hang them upside down (they have a nice woody stem which will stay erect).

How do you maintain such pretty colors?

The single most important factor in obtaining good color in dried flowers is to maintain darkness during the drying process.

What do you treat dried flowers with?

Most of our flowers we simply air-dry. We do not recommend spraying or 'treating' them with anything. Regarding the wives tale about spraying your drieds with hair spray: there are a few (i.e. Globe Amaranth) flowers that have 'wimpy' stems, which under high humid conditions get limp and bend. These types of flowers will benefit with a spray of 'humidity sensitive' hair spray.

How do you store dried flowers?

The best thing to do is simple wrap them in newspaper, put them in a cardboard box and place them on a shelf. They can easily be stored in a garage or closet. Basements can be to damp and attics can be too terribly hot and dry. Never store them in plastic. Also, remember that some dried flowers, especially grains may supply mice with food and bedding (store with mothballs).
Speaking of moth balls, What are those little moths that I see flying around my arrangement?
These little moths are called Indian Meal Moths. They are the same moths that have been known to invade flour canisters (the little wormy things are their larvae) and other cereals in your pantry. Some dried flowers such as roses and peonies (large headed dense flowers) may be the culprits. The best thing to do with these and arrangements that may be contaminated, is to freeze them. Yes, freeze. Either place them in a plastic bag and put them in your freezer for a week or place them outside in a shed or garage during winter for a week. The larvae are killed by the cold, and your problem will be solved! We always recommend that you dry your peonies and then immediately freeze them for a week before you use them in an arrangement.

Why do my Lemon Leaf turn brown?

Natural Lemon Leaf (or Salal) are very useful leaves, but they must be kept out of direct sunlight. They fade rapidly, losing their green if in any sunlight. Note: we offer a very natural looking basil-green, dyed lemon leaf in which we use a steadfast, long lasting dye (see Lemon Leaf basil ).

What are your favorite flowers?

Barbara: Her favorite fresh flower is Bleeding Heart and her favorite dried flowers are Straw Flowers (great array of natural colors)

D. Scott: I love Poppies (fresh) and my very favorite dried flower is Larkspur or have you ever seen those great big (like a watermelon) cockscombs? Barbara's mom (see the flower farm history) use to grow rows and rows of them, they were awesome!

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