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Wreaths from Dried Flowers Direct are all handmade.
In addition, our dried flower wreaths are made after the order is placed.

I guess you could call them 'fresh' dried flower wreaths.

If you are interested in sending one of our wreaths as a gift, you will find our order form most useful.
It is there that you can indicate where you would like the wreath shipped and
wording for a note that we will include.

Larkspur & Lemon Leaf Wreath
Dark Purple Larkspur
& Lemon Leaf Wreath
Dried Flower Wreath
Bountiful Harvest Lemon Leaf Wreath           22-24 inches
 We also use various accents such as Eucalyptus, Larkspur, Flax, etc.

Larkspur & Lemon Leaf Wreath
Bountiful Harvest Wreath
Flax Wreath
Flax Wreath
Larkspur & Lemon Leaf Wreath
Pink Larkspur
& Lemon Leaf Wreath
Larkspur & Lemon Leaf Wreath
Light Pink Larkspur
& Lemon Leaf Wreath
Larkspur & Lemon Leaf Wreath
True Blue Larkspur
& Lemon Leaf Wreath
Sunflower Wreath
& Lemon Leaf Wreath
Wheat Wreath
Awned Wheat Wreath

Most of our Cottage Wreaths are made using Lemon Leaf (or Salal) which is the green leaf you see in the images above.
It is important to keep lemon leaf out of direct sunlight as the leaf can loose it's green color.
Therefore, we always recommend hanging your wreath out of direct sunlight.

Just a quick note to share our delight with you that you were able to get a gift (wreath) delivery to my mother in New Hampshire in only 2 days!!!

It was a HUGE hit with her and a great Birthday present. The flowers were beautiful and arrived in perfect condition. Great Job!

Thanks for your personal attention and service.


T. R.
Moorestown, NJ

If you have any comments or questions regarding any of our wreaths (Larkspur wreaths, Lemon Leaf wreaths, Salal wreaths,
Sunflower wreaths or any of our other dried flower wreaths) please notify Dried Flowers Direct by using our contact form.

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