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Dried Flower Wreath Care

It is best to keep dried flower wreaths out of direct sunlight and out of extreme environments. That would include very high humid areas and super dry areas. Do not place the wreaths in the direct path of forced air heat as the dry air will remove all the moisture from the wreath making it fragile.

For cleaning dried flower wreaths, we recommend lightly dusting the wreath with a real feather duster. An alternative method can employ the use of a standard hair dryer (on the lowest setting) and simply blow any dust off.

We often have questions regarding dried flower wreaths and their placement on front doors, this is generally not recommended. You can hang dried wreaths outside as long as the specific area is fully protected from rain, wind and sun. If the wreath is placed in sun, colors will soon fade. Obviously the wind and rain would also damage the wreath.

If you are hanging the dried flower wreath on a door (inside your home or out), it is best to attach it in two places thus alleviating the wreath from 'bouncing' when the door is used.

Enjoy your dried flower wreath!

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